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July 12, 2022

Commercial Entrance Mats: What You Should Know To Protect Your Business

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Commercial entry mats are essential for keeping your company safe, clean, and appealing. They are more than simply gorgeous floor mats in your lobby; they improve the overall effectiveness of your building and business.


Choosing A Genuine Brand

Purchasing commercial entrance mats may not be as exciting as purchasing other commercial décor products, but the type of commercial entrance mat you select is.

  • Will not let dirt or muck onto the premises.
  • Prevent wear and tear on your entryway flooring.

As a result, selecting the best and most appropriate commercial entry mats is critical. Waterhog door mats are the best and most economical sorts given by Ultimate Mats for making your clients and customers feel welcome at the entry. WaterHog entry mats serve to keep your company premises clean by trapping water, dust, dirt, and debris as they enter the area.

Every Ultimate Mats mat comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping in the lower 48 states. They provide a variety of entry mats in a variety of forms, sizes, designs, and colors.

  • WaterHog mats that are excellent at capturing dirt and water
  • BrushHog mats that filter debris from their surface enhance the mat’s appearance.
  • SuperScrape mats are high-quality rubber entry doormats that can even remove grease and oil.
  • Logo mats that greet every visitor with your brand.

There are a few things you should know before purchasing commercial mats for your business’s entryway.

Three advantages of excellent commercial floor mats

  • They should be slip and trip resistant.
  • They should be of good quality, trapping dirt, mud, water, and sand and preventing them from spreading throughout the structure.
  • They are available in customizable configurations.


It Safeguards Your Personnel And Consumers

The main entryway is one of the most popular places for individuals to slip, fall, or trip. Such incidents might place you in hot water since they can result in costly litigation and worker compensation claims.

The danger of slips falls, and trips increases if your business has hard flooring such as marble, tile, or wood. Purchase high-quality anti-skid, anti-slip business entry mats for your main office door.


Outdoor And Indoor Welcome Carpets

Commercial mats are offered for use outside, inside, or both. More mats mean more dirt and wetness scooped up from people’s shoes as they approach the premises. This reduces the amount of cleaning required.


It Shields The Floor

Your floor will degrade if there is too much foot movement. Water and filth also hasten this process, resulting in regular floor repairs. This is especially true for the entry flooring to the front door.

Commercial entry mats absorb water and filth from your customers’ and clients’ shoes when they arrive via the main door. As a result, there will be less water and grime on the flooring, as well as less damage.

Purchasing personalized entry mats with your company’s emblem is appealing since it raises brand recognition among individuals entering your business premises. Contact Ultimate Mats to find the best, high-quality mats for your company.

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